SEO Tips for Beginners


Internet is full of competition and getting your website on front page of Google is a big challenge. Gone are those days when there were lesser websites and getting onto first page was not a big deal. Nowadays things have changed completely because of excessive competition. In this article, we will elaborate, how any website can gain rank on Google and its visibility can be improved. With every algorithm change, system of indexing is also changing. There are more than 200 factors that actually influence Google ranking system.


Latent semantic indexing: this is important where Google consider resembling keywords in content. Suppose you are optimizing a website for “Web Development Company” then it will automatically be considered for “Web Development Services”.

6 Steps for Staring SEO for any Website:

  • Keyword research: use Google’s tool or any other proper tool for keyword research and finalization. Keyword should be related and potential enough to bring traffic.
  • Making a perfect website: think like a user and create a website that should be perfect in all respects. Design should be responsive, proper navigation, informative and unique content.
  • Internal links and external links both are important so focus both way. Focus on earning links rather than creating links.
  • URL structure is important. Keep keyword stuffed and short URL.
  • Social media presence is very important nowadays.
  • Write title and meta description carefully because Google uses that for indexing.


There are many other things as said earlier 200 different factors for SEO. Follow above written steps and there will be definite improvement in appearance on Google search engine.

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